Weapons Systems Tuning Group Reunion

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A Brief History of WSTG

W.S.T.G. was formed on the 1st of June 1959 from an existing testing and tuning organisation called the Outside Erection Party.  Below is a transcript of the original AFO detailing the groups structure and responsibilities, also photographs taken in 1955 of some W.S.T.G. founder members from the old Outside Erection Party.  

1205.—The Weapons Systems Tuning Group—Introduction

(W. 28/59.—15 May 1959.)

1. A Weapons Systems Tuning Group (short title W.S.T.G.) will be set up within the Weapons Department as from 1st June, 1959, The Head of the Group will be responsible to the Director General, Weapons, for setting-to-work and tuning Weapons Department equipment (except Compass) in preparation for acceptance trials. ;—

(a) In private yards, all production equipment except that in ships refitting by Contract.

(b) In each Royal Yard, the first of each production equipment.

This includes responsibility for the "complex equipments" and their associated "guidance programmes" previously undertaken by the Systems Tuning Liaison Group (A.P.O. 1672/58) which organisation now lapses. A.F.O. 1672/58 is therefore cancelled. The setting-to-work and tuning of prototype equipment will remain the responsibility of the design division concerned.


2. The Head of the Weapon Systems Tuning Group will discharge his responsibilities through the Admiralty Weapon Overseers and Weapon System Tuning Teams.

3. The Weapon System Tuning Teams, formed from existing testing and tuning organisations, will be organised in three sections:—

(a) Surface Weapon Section.—For surface weapon and direction systems, including radars, computers, mountings and weapons.

(b) Underwater Weapon Section.—For underwater systems, from asdic to weapon, including operations room equipment.

(c) Radar and Communication Section.—For radar and communication systems.

The officer-in-charge of each section will be responsible to the Head of the Weapon Systems Tuning Group for the organisation and deployment of his teams to meet W.S.T.G. commitments.

4. The Head of the Weapon Systems Tuning Group will programme the work of the Group in consultation with the appropriate Admiralty Authorities and Overseers.

5. The Admiralty Weapons Overseer will be responsible for ensuring the integration of tuning requirements into the programmes of individual ships in private yards.

The responsibility for ensuring this integration into the programmes of ships in Royal Yards will remain with the Admiral Superintendent and with the Commanding Officer of ships in commission. The Weapon Systems Tuning Group will be available for advice and assistance in this task, which was formerly in part the responsibility of the Team Leader under the Systems Tuning Liaison Group.

6. The Head of the Weapon Systems Tuning Group will be located in the Director General, Weapons' Offices, Ensleigh, Bath. '

 (A.F.Os. 1672/58 und 1724/58 are cancelled.)

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These photographs were taken during the Annual Dinner and dance of the D.E.E. Outside Erection Party, held at the "Red House" Bath. For a higher resolution pictures and to put names to faces click on the photos. Help in identifying any unknown faces or adding first names where we only have surnames would be appreciated!