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The WSTG Reunion Newsletter

This section contains pdf copies of all the editions of the Reunion Newsletter.

To view them you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  Most computers and tablets already have this application installed but you can obtain a free copy from the Adobe website at https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/.

However, a word of warning - make sure you uncheck the offer to install the Chrome web browser and make it the default program, unless you actually wish to install that as well!

Some articles have been reproduced (often in more detail) elsewhere on the website and links are shown to these pages. In addition, most of the Obituaries can be found in that section of the website. Otherwise, just click on the image of the newsletter to view the document, or use the quick menu on the right.

Issue 1 - October 2004

WSTG Newsletter Issue 6 - May2007.pdf

Contained news of the first reunion.  An article on Derrick Middleton (now on our members’ pages). News of the retirements of Mike Sims, Alan Cave and Ken Voysey. An obituary for Gerry Green. (Click on the image, right, to view the pdf version.)

WSTG Newsletter Issue 1 - Oct2004.pdf

Issue 2 - April 2005

An article on Frank Moore, now on our members’ pages. News of the retirements of David Lockley, Peter Bailey, Roy Woolgar and John Slack. News of the death of John Farmer.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 2 - Apr2005.pdf

Issue 3 - October 2005

An article by Trevor Mitchell on the early days of WSTG, now on our members’ pages. A light-hearted piece by Johnnie Dunbar from “The Critical Path”. News of the retirement of Roger Phillips and reports of the deaths of Freddie Parkman and Jim Gudgeon.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 3 - Oct2005.pdf

Issue 4 - June 2006

A review of the group visit to HMS Collingwood Museum.  A visit to Win Dibley’s house resulting in some interesting archive material. A profile of Les Marks. News of Adrian Wright’s retirement.  News of the death of Brian Ford.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 4 - Jun2006.pdf

Issue 5 - November 2006

A profile of Bert Norris and his remark-able war record, now on our members’ pages. Remembering the life and career of Ernie Brimecombe. Celebrating Mike Hogan’s retirement. News of the deaths of Dave Blowers and Liz McKenzie.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 5 - Nov2006.pdf

Issue 6 - May 2007

An article on his career by Knocker White, now on our members’ pages.  A piece on the 2006 Christmas party. Obituaries of Derrick Middleton and Jim Stephens.

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Issue 7 - November 2007

Articles on the WSTG excursions to HMS Belfast and to Tangmere Military Aviation Museum. News of Ron White’s retirement. Memories of Eric Shoesmith (including his part in the Battle of the River Plate).  An obituary of Ron Kimber.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 7 - Nov2007.pdf

Issue 8 - May 2008

An article on the work of the HMS Collingwood Museum.  News of the retirements of Dick Hughes and Graham Collins.  Obituaries of Mickey Lawson, Mike Stenson and Gordon Hoare.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 8 - May2008.pdf

Issue 9 - November 2008

An article by Alf Huntley on the ‘ex-pat’ lifestyle in Spain. News of the Reunion Group visits to Chatham Historic Dockyard and Fort Nelson.  An obituary of John Henson, a founder member of WSTG.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 9 - Nov2008.pdf

Issue 10 - May 2009

An article on the Reunion Group visit to the Imperial War Museum. Ivan Winter reports on accessing old personnel records. An obituary of Don Warren.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 10 - May2009.pdf

Issue 11 - November 2009

An article on the Seaslug GWS. Obituaries of Ray Walton and Gerry O’Gorman.

Issue 12 - May 2010

WSTG Newsletter Issue 11 - Nov2009.pdfWSTG Newsletter Issue 12 - May2010.pdf

News of our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of WSTG.  A profile George Scutt including the story of his fine war record. A piece on Bert Norris’ 90th birthday. An obituary of John Brook.

Issue 13 - November 2010

A profile of Gibraltar lad Louis Figueras. An article on some of the contacts made through the WSTG web site. An update of the work of the Collingwood Museum.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 13 - Nov2010.pdf

Issue 14 - May 2011

An article on the Tribal class frigates.  A piece on the Inte-gated Communications System 1.  More news on contacts made through the web site.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 14 - May2011.pdf

Issue 15 - November 2011

A piece on some of the ships that WSTG worked on for foreign navies. An article on WSTG’s part in the computer-isation of the RN. An obituary of Vic Clements.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 15 - Nov2011.pdf

Issue 16 -May 2012

On the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, an article recalling one aspect of WSTG’s involvement in the conflict. Also the web site generates a question about the Type 670 Jammer.  More adventures at the Collingwood Museum!

WSTG Newsletter Issue 16 - May2012.pdf

Issue 17 - November 2012

An article on the Leander class frigates.  A plan to keep the Collingwood museum running. News of Kelvin Neale’s retirement.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 17 - Nov2012.pdf

Issue 18 - November 2013

An article by Ken Hoad on the early days of Radar in Portsmouth. The first part of a piece by Colin Parr on Agency Work in the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry (now on our members’ pages). Obituaries of Keith Parke and Gordon Bone.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 18 - Nov2013.pdf

Issue 19 - November 2014

A piece by Barry Robertson on volunteering at the Explosion Museum, Priddys Hard.  The second part of Colin Parr’s article on Agency Work in the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry.  Obituaries of Sheila Day and Joe Cleall.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 19 - Nov2014.pdf

Issue 20 - May 2015

A review of the WSTG ‘outing’ to the Explosion Museum, Priddys Hard, Gosport.  The final part of Colin Parr’s article. An obituary of Neville Maton and news of the death of Fred Guy.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 20 - May2015.pdf

Issue 21 - November 2015

Obituaries of Fred Guy and Pat Cross.  News of the deaths of Len Flack and Dave Taylor.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 21 - Nov2015.pdf

Issue 22 - November 2016

News of the resurrection of the WSTG Honours Board and its new location in the Victory Building, HMNB Portsmouth. News of the deaths of George Scutt, Orien Young and Bert Norris.

WSTG Newsletter Issue 22 - Nov2016.pdf